WARNING: Not all episodes suitable for children, watch them first!!!


TableTop is a web series about board games. It does include some bad language, but it’s mostly bleeped. The series includes ‘TableTop After Dark’ episodes which are very much *not* suitable for children, including games like Cards Against Humanity. So watch first, before showing your kids.

Having said that, the web series is fantastic, and my son loves it. Two big advantages: firstly, we learn about new board games that we want to play, in a fun way. Much better than trying to guess which board games will be any good from the picture on the box. You get to actually see them being played. Secondly, you don’t have to struggle your way through reading the rules, because by the end of the video, you know roughly how to play. You might have to look up details in the rules, but it’s much easier than figuring out the whole thing from scratch. (Have you read the Settlers of Catan rules? We gave up about three times before we discovered TableTop).

The videos are jokey, silly and fun. It’s also fun watching Wil Wheaton get really stressed about losing.

Warning: can be expensive to watch, since you end up wanting all the games. 🙂


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