Human Resource Machine (no, it’s good – really)

So, bear with me. This may not sound exciting. But it is.

Tomorrow Corporation, who make this game, also made Little Inferno. If you haven’t come across that, it’s a fun, quirky, apparently-pointless-but-addictive game where you get to burn things in a fireplace. There’s a little more to it than that – a story, for instance – but the main point is, that you get to burn lots of stuff. Sometimes it explodes. Sometimes it does other weird things. Fun. Seriously fun.

This is their second game, and this time the game has a little more purpose. It teaches kids to code. Although, my son who is determined that he will never learn to code because he hates it, also likes this. He just thinks it’s a fun puzzle game.



The plot is that you are starting in a company, working up from simple jobs (mail room) to more complex ones. Each job involves doing some work moving boxes from A to B. (Well, from the Inbox to the Outbox). The tasks get progressively more complex as you work your way up the company. There are also challenges, like solving the problem in the most efficient way.

It’s available on PC, Android or iOS, so you’re pretty much covered no matter what.




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