Crash Course (General)

Crash Course is a YouTube channel which creates video courses covering a wide range of topics – World History, US Government, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Literature, Philosophy and more. The courses are being actively developed, so the range is expanding all the time. There are more detailed notes of specific courses elsewhere on this site. For most of the courses, the videos are the only content, although Crash Course have recently developed a curriculum for their World History course, and others may follow.


The YouTube page is here:

The courses encourage viewers to think for themselves, and often present alternate viewpoints or explain both sides of controversies. As such, they are possibly confusing for young viewers, although my young son enjoys several of them.

The courses are usually aimed at high school level or adult, and the presenters talk very quickly. As such, they’re possibly not aimed at teaching someone the subject to expert level without other materials or practice. However, they’re engaging, with fun and helpful graphics, and definitely good to get someone interested in a subject and give them an understanding of the important concepts. They’re often funny (depends on the subject and the presenter) and something you’d like to watch again.

Crash Course also partner with other sites, for instance some of the courses are available via Khan Academy.

The courses are all free to access on YouTube, but there is a Patreon if you use them a lot of want to contribute to helping them develop more courses. Patreon is a voluntary subscription site where you can choose to donate regularly – the amount is entirely up to you, from $1 a month.


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