British Museum – Resource Packs

UK home educators will almost certainly have heard of the British Museum. It’s one of the most famous of the London museums, although it’s outside the main Kensington museum area, being in Bloomsbury instead.

The British Museum collections are, in many cases, historic artefacts collected during the time of the British Empire, and so there are disputes about the rightful ownership of many of the items. The British Museum is the home of the famous and controversial Parthenon Marbles acquired by Lord Elgin, for instance. Parents with older children might want to discuss some of the background to how the works were acquired as a significant part of world history.

Leaving aside the ethics of the collection, the museum is an amazing resource to visit, having an immensely wide collection of items from around the world and throughout history.

The museum also has a large number of resources packs online for anyone planning to visit, and they could also be used in part if you can’t visit: there are images of some of the items, for instance. Some of the resources, however, rely on visiting: e.g. quests to find specific items in the collections. Link to resource packs: here. There really is a huge range of packs, exceeding any of the other London museums that I’ve looked at.

There are also full floor plans and lists of galleries available online, so that you can plan a visit in advance if you want to cover a particular topic or theme.

Like the other London museums, the British Museum generally has family events organised during the holidays: also like the other museums, it is generally much busier during the holidays and quieter in term time.


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