V&A Museum – Resource Packs

UK home educators will probably know about the V&A Museum. It’s in the Kensington museum district of London, and focuses on art and design – fashion, ceramics, culture and much more.

The V&A generally has an Art & Design orientation, and the website tends to advertise the current exhibitions and displays rather than being easy to browse for particular topics. It’s not that easy to search the website for, as an example, pre-colonial African design. For that kind of search, the British Museum might be easier. Of course, there are many, many resources relevant to both history and human geography: they’re just not organised that way.

However, like many museums, the V&A also produces resource packs for educational visits, and these are free online. There are packs aimed at both primary (age 4-11) and secondary (age 11+), and they’re downloadable without registering. They cover a wide variety of themes, but are also mostly designed with Art & Design in mind rather than history or geography.

Link for resource packs: here.

If you’re intending to visit, there are family events organised during the holidays, too: there’s a calendar here. Although it will obviously be quieter in term-time, and gets very busy in holidays, as does the whole museum district.


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